A Computational Phonology Of Russian

Author: Peter Chew
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The principal theoretical outcomes of the work are as follows. First, I show that all of the phonological or morphophonological processes reviewed can be described by a grammar no more powerful than context-free.

Australian Slavonic And East European Studies

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... The University of Queensland Peter A. Chew, A Computational Phonology of
Russian, Dissertation.com, Parkland FL, 2003, 426 pp, US $29.95, ISBN: 1-
58112-178-4. A Computational Phonology of Russian, Peter Chew's D. Phil,
dissertation from the University of Oxford, is an attempt to synthesise three areas
of Russian phonology which have been for the most part treated separately,
namely syllable structure, morphology and stress assignment. While morphology
and stress have ...

A Computational Theory Of Writing Systems

Author: Richard Sproat
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521663403
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3.1.4 Summary of Russian and Be larusian The previous discussion has offered
a comparative analysis of a portion of Russian and Belarusian orthography and
the relationship of those orthographic systems to the phonologies of the
languages. Of course, a full evaluation of the model's applicability to these writing
systems awaits a complete description of the orthography, as well as a complete
description of the relevant phonological phenomena - something that is certainly
beyond ...

A Comparative Quantitative Phonology Of Russian Czech And German

Author: Henry Kučera
Publisher: Elsevier
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Once / has been determined for a pair of languages, it remains constant in the
computation of M for all isomorphic sets. From the distinctive feature matrices in
Chapter 3, it can be seen that, in Russian, the phonemes requiring the largest
number of features for their identification (which includes most consonants) are
specified by eight feature values. In Czech, the largest number of features is
required to specify /t/, /d/, l\l and /d/, — eight features each. In German, the largest
number of ...

A Child S Acquisition Of Russian Phonology

Author: Lenora Timm Olmsted
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positive or negative influence which different clusters of phonological
components have exerted on the phones comprised of them. Chapter Nine also
introduced formulae to assess the influence of the six phonological components
pertinent to the production of vowels--frontness, centrality, backness, highness,
midness and lowness. The formulae were ... These scores subsequently entered
into the computation of residual difficulty of vowels at each period examined.
Mean residual ...

Computational And Quantitative Studies

Author: M.A.K. Halliday
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826488269
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But even English and French, though in principle having a phonological script,
have strong morphemic tendencies; they have numerous homonyms at the
morpho-syllabic interface, which the writing system typically keeps apart. Such
writing systems mask ... such as Russian or Italian, the writing system enforces
regularities, policing the text to protect it firom all the forms of meaningful variation
which con— tribute so much to the richness and potency of speech. So
transcribing spoken ...

Linguistics And Language Behavior Abstracts

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... of the Russian Imperative: 1X05781 Exuberant cxponcncc in Balsbi: LL060I0
Morphophonemics Size vis-a-vis frequency: minimality and maximally constraints
in Swa- hili; LL05658 Variation and Opacity in Singapore English Consonant
Clusters: LL05686 Svstcmatization of the Morphonological Alternations [Based
on Inflectional Material]: LL06005 On the relationship between morphological
and phonological awareness: Effects of training in kindergarten and in first-grade
reading; ...

History Of Language

Author: Steven Roger Fischer
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1861895941
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Computational linguistics, also known as natural language processing, began in
1946 when computers were first used to generate machine translations from
Russian into English.36 (The field of machine translation has since become a
highly sophisticated and commercially profitable discipline, with many ... There
are many subfields in computational linguistics, such as computational
lexicography, computational phonology, controlled languages and constraint
logic programming.

Michigan Slavic Materials

ISBN: 9780930042868
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In Computational Phonology. Third Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in
Computational Phonology, 49-56. Somerset, NJ: Association for Computational
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Cambridge, MA: MJT Press. Hooper, Joan B. 1976. An Introduction to Natural
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