A Final Broadside

Author: Buddy Worrell
Publisher: Abbott Press
ISBN: 1458220958
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... directly across from the city of Wilmington. As she was towed into position, her
towlines hit and sank a former troop ship, now a restaurant called Fergus Ark.
She never engaged in action again for the next forty years. She was designated a
battleship memorial, and for the next several decades she hosted thousands of
tourists and visitors on her decks. All was normal for several decades, until the
day a very special new superintendent arrived. PART FOUR A Final Broadside

Wrestling With The Muse

Author: Melba Joyce Boyd
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231503644
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This sequence is followed by images of the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of
Broadside Press in 1990, which was a tribute to Randall, the founder. Randall is
introduced, and then Coleman A. Young, who was at that time the mayor of
Detroit, pays tribute to him as the poet laureate of the city and to Randall's identity
as a vital part of the city. The film returns to the format of its opening, as the
ending includes a return to the celebration, a final voice-over, a pan of the
hundreds of ...

Nebraska Bicentennial Broadside

Author: Nebraska American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
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The NARBC approved the final matching fund grants in June 1976. A total of
$347,500 was awarded to 86 projects over the last three years. The following
articles describe the final funded projects. + - - One of the highlights of the three-
day Chautauqua held at Hastings and sponsored by the Adams County
Bicentennial Committee was the German-Russian Folk Pageant held on June 5.
The NARBC approved a $500 matching fund grant to help the bicentennial
committee bring the ...

A Book Of Scattered Leaves

Author: James G. Hepburn
Publisher: Bucknell University Press
ISBN: 9780838753972
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Poetry of Poverty in Broadside Ballads of Nineteenth-century England : Study
and Anthology James G. Hepburn. that the good times were coming. Perhaps
Mackay should have been called the poet of the rising standard of living. Real
wages for workers rose even faster after 1875. But if broadside ballads were
inadequate to the case (as no doubt they always were), so were grand facts.
Although English wealth increased severalfold in the century to 1800, famine
came in that last year ...

Ballads And Broadsides In Britain 1500 1800

Author: Patricia Fumerton
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754662488
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The second section traces the history of two Anglo- Amerindian alliances, and
considers Gay's trans-Atlantic politics in his earliest dramatic work, The Mohocks
(1712). The final section returns to Polly, and suggests how Gay used the Indian
characters and musical pieces of this ballad opera to launch a scathing attack on
Britain's emergent global empire. Dianne Dugaw's work is the only notable
exception. Musical Contexts Ballads did not become a significant component of
Music and ...


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1600 until the end of the season 1799-1800." At that time the projection, no doubt
underestimated, anticipated 8,500 individual entries with over 1,500 portraits (at
least one for each subject for whom a portrait exists). Incidentally, initial users of
any one of the 16 volumes should consult the preface to volume 1, not
reproduced elsewhere. That Highfill, Burnim, and Langhans lived up to their
goals is an understatement. Indeed, the coverage is very complete (from
doorkeepers and other ...

Robin Hood

Author: Stephen Knight
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 9780859914369
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Before the discovery of the Forresters manuscript, the ballad was known only in
the few final stanzas surviving in the Percy Folio and in the short ballad (Child no.
114) that appears in several broadsides, the earliest from 1643, and in the
garlands of 1663 and 1670 (this version appears in Forresters as 10B). As the
Percy stanzas correspond with the last part of the broadside, and the broadside
has only the same number of lines before that, it seems that the Percy version
was the same ...

The Strange Career Of Jim Crow

Author: The late C. Vann Woodward
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199840236
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The Charleston News and Courier, the oldest newspaper in the South and a
consistent spokesman of conservatism, fired a final broadside against extremists
in behalf of the conservative creed of race policy. 'As we have got on fairly well for
a third of a century, including a long period of reconstruction, without such a
measure,' wrote the editor, 'we can probably get on as well hereafter without it,
and certainly so extreme a measure should not be adopted and enforced without
added ...

Fugitive Pieces In Prose And Verse By Pupils Of The West Riding Proprietary School

Author: Wakefield west riding proprietary sch
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He aimed his men with cutlasses and pistols, and after giving a final broadside,
made straight for the French vessel, his companions following his example on the
other side. And now the three vessels had joined in close engagement; the
Frenchmen awaiting the attack were arranged on each side of the deck, and their
enemies stopped only for the signal to be given, to pour in amongst them. Davis
led the way up the vessel's side, with his pistols in his belt and his cutlass
between his ...

Early Vermont Broadsides

Author: John Duffy
Publisher: Vermont Books: Publishers
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There is more of a martial quality to this song, and one of the most unusual lines
is that containing the word "Columbia" as a reference to America or the United
States, a new term first coined by Timothy Dwight in his 1777 song by that name.
The term was in common use by 1 8 1 6, the actual date of the printing, though
the date it carries is 1 8 1 5, an error corrected in later printings. The final song of
the broadside is its finest, the "Battle of Niagara! or, America again victorious over
her ...