Autonomous Vehicle Navigation

Author: Lounis Adouane
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1498715591
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This book reveals innovative control architectures that can lead to fully autonomous vehicle navigation in these challenging situations.

Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 1998 Iav 98

Author: Miguel Á. Salichs
Publisher: Pergamon
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FAMNN Based Navigation Approach To reflect the vehicle behaviors acquired by
learning and to demonstrate the generalization and adaptation capabilities of the
suggested approach, the vehicle navigation is simulated in new unvisited ...
Chohra, A and A Far ah (1996c) Hybrid Navigation Approach Combining Neural
Networks and Fuzzy Logic for Autonomous Mobile Robots in Proc 3rd Int. Con/
Motion and Vibration Control, Japan Chohra, A , A Farah and M Belloucif (1997)
N ...

Computer Control Abstracts

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To validate the FIC methodology, an autonomous navigation system consisting of
a fuzzy logic implemented navigator and an FIC autopilot are designed and
implemented on Motorola 68HCII 8-bit microcontrollers. .... CH35900) See Entry
71348 Autonomous underwater vehicle control coordination using a tri-level
hybrid software architecture See Entry 71349 Experimental study on a learning
control system with bound estimation for underwater robots See Entry 71350
Outlier ...

Robotics And Manufacturing

Author: Mohammad Jamshidi
Publisher: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ISBN: 9780791800447
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For reactive navigation, we designed a DNN to control the mobile robot and
integrated this network with routines for detecting and escaping from static and
cyclic behavior. For landmark recognition, we used a hybrid architecture
consisting of rule-based behaviors for motion control in combination with an
evolved DNN to perform the actual recognition task. In each case, the DNN ...
A. C. Schultz, "Using a Genetic Algorithm to Learn Behaviors for Autonomous
Vehicles," AIM. Guidance ...


Author: Alastair Reynolds
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641056225
Size: 14.42 MB
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Was geschah auf Resurgam?

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology

Author: Grant R. Gerhart
Publisher: Society of Photo Optical
ISBN: 9780819457899
Size: 37.84 MB
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Defence R&D Canada - Suffield is developing foundations for multi- vehicle
autonomous operations. DRDC. through long experience in practical one on one
vehicle teleoperation, realizes the necessity of combined multi-vehicle operations
. We are now developing a common framework for land, sea, and air that exploits
distributed computing and mesh networking technology. To achieve force
magnification, however, this Architecture for Autonomy1 (AfA) must be further
leveraged into ...

Autonomous Robotic Systems

Author: Changjiu Zhou
Publisher: Physica
ISBN: 9783790815467
Size: 10.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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... 38 all-terrain vehicle, 84, 92 military, 92 rover, 78 space, 75 speed control, 89,
92 multiple mobile robots, 217 multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA),
219, 225, 226 multiresolution, 452 adaptive fovea, 458 exponential-Cartesian,
455 imager, 460 log-polar, 454 shifted fovea, 457 navigation, 191 navigation
control schemes, 167 deliberative planning, 168 reactive learning, 168 hybrid
architectures, 168 navigation functions, 117-120 navigation hierarchy, 170
survey navigation, ...

Proceedings Of The 2000 Congress On Evolutionary Computation

Author: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Publisher: Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers(IEEE)
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The simulation is then performed for each one of the non-dominated solutions. 2.
3. Acknowledgments The authors thank the CICyT for the support given to this
work under the projects TIC97-1343-C02-02 and lFD970255-C03-0 l (02).
Bibliography Armstrong, D.G.; and Crane, C.D. (1998): A modular, scalable,
architecture for intelligent, autonomous vehicles. 3rd IFAC Symposium on
Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles. Universidad Carlos Ill. Madrid. Spain. pp 62-66
Arrue, B.C.; Cuesta, ...

International Aerospace Abstracts

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... A97-30640 Right test results for poor visibility guidance based on integrated
navigation and synthetic vision 4 p1899 A97-30920 Optical parameters
variations in an active visual estimator 63 p2M4 A97-32759 GPS/machine vision
navigation ... Paper 97-3692) 4 p2828 A97-37125 An advanced control
architecture for autonomous vehicles 63 03071 A97-37808 Computer vision-
based augmented reality for guiding manual assembly 54 p3037 A97-37815
visual surveillance system ...


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There has been a great deal of work done in the area of evolution of function for
autonomous vehicles. Behaviors have been evolved using a variety of
representations such as neural-networks or rule bases, for a variety of tasks
including collision-free navigation [17], [22], exploration [9], as well as
shepherding [23], [18], and docking and tracking, just to mention a few. While
most of the ... [3] and [4] present continuing research on concurrent evolution of
neural network controllers and ...