Roma Aeterna

Author: Ben Witherington
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Wearing his one and only decent suit and having combed his hair back and
slicked it down with mousse, Marco went to Giovanni's office on the eighth floor of
a baroque style government building overlooking the Trevi Fountain. The
building was itself steamy, as the air conditioning system was antiquated and
could not keep up with the summer heat. This made for cranky employees,
including Mr. Fisconii himself. After waiting a half hour, Giovanni finally made
room for Marco.

Gro Bauen

Author: Klaus Rheidt
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Camporeale 2011 St. Camporeale: Military Building Techniques in Mauretania
Tingitana. The Use of Mortar and Rubble at Thamusida (Sidi Ali ben Ahmed,
Morocco), in: A. Ringbom / R. L. Hohlfelder / P. Sjöberg et al. (Hg.): Building
Roma aeterna. Current Research on Roman Mortar and Concrete, Proceedings
of the Conference March 27–29, 2008 (Helsinki 2011) 169–186. Cébeillac
Gervasoni 1990 M. Cébeillac Gervasoni: L'évergétisme des magistrats du Latium
et de.

A Companion To Roma Aeterna

Author: Jeanne Neumann
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... advice, move near, put grow up ad-vehere carry, convey (to) advena -ae m/f
immigrant, foreigner ad-venire arrive adventâre approach adventicius -a -um
from without, foreign adventus -üs m arrival adversäri oppose, resist adversárius -
i m opponent, adversary adversus/-um prp + acc toward, against adversus -a -um
facing, opposed, front, contrary, unfavorable ad-vertere turn, direct (toward) ad-
vocäre call, summon aedés -is f temple, pl house aedificáre build aedificium -i n
building ...


Author: Massimo Mastrogregori
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Marmorskulpturen der römischen Kaiserzeit aus Milet. Aufstellungskontext und
programmatische. Milet, Bd. 5: Funde aus Milet, Teil 2. Berlin, De Gruyter, 2011,
XX-215 p. 1916. BOOS (Marion). Heiligtümer römischer Bürgerkolonien.
Archäologische Untersuchungen zur sakralen Ausstattung republikanischer
coloniae civium Romanorum. Rahden, Leidorf, 2011, 276 p. (Internationale
Archäologie, 119). 1917. Building Roma aeterna. Current research on Roman
mortar and concrete.

Ancient Fortifications

Author: Silke Muth
Publisher: Oxbow Books
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Examples from Medieval, Non-hydraulic Lime Mortars from the Åland Islands, SW
Finland, Radiocarbon 49,1, 2007, 47–67 Lindroos et al. 2011 A. Lindroos – J.
Heinemeier – Å. Ringbom – F. Brock – P. Koota – M. Pehkonen – J. Suksi,
Problems in Radiocarbon Dating of Roman Pozzolana Mortars, in: Å. Ringbom –
R. L. Hohlfelder, Building Roma Aeterna. Current Research on Roman Mortar
and Concrete. Proceedings of the Conference, March 27–29 2008, (Helsinki
2011) 214–230 ...

Innovative Vaulting In The Architecture Of The Roman Empire

Author: Lynne C. Lancaster
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316453588
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“Harena Sine Calce: Building Disasters, Incompetent Architects and Construction
Fraud in Ancient Rome,” In ̊A. Ringbom and R. L. Hohlfelder, eds. Building
Roma Aeterna: Proceedings of a Conference held March 23–25, 2008 Rome,
Italy (Helsinki): 9–27. Olivier, A. 1983. “Sommiers de plates-bandes appareill ́ees
et arm ́ees `a Conimbriga et `a la villa d'Hadrien `a Tivoli.” M ́EFRA 95.2: 937–59.
Olivier, A. and S. Storz 1983. “Analyse et restitution d'un proc ́ed ́e de
construction ...

Smlednik Castle

Author: Andrej Gaspari
Publisher: Založba ZRC
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Varstvo spomenikov (Poročila) 13−14, 149. RIEDEL, A., E. PUCHER 2008,
Mittelalterliche Tierknochenfunde aus der Burg Raabs an der Thaya (
Niederösterreich). – Beiträge zur Mittelalterarchäologie in Österreich 24, 159–
Dating and Roman Pozzolana, Results and Interpretations. – In: A. Ringbom, R.
Hohlfelder, P. Sjöberg, P. Sonck-Koota (eds.), Building Roma Aeterna. Current
Research on Roman Mortar ...

Classica Et Mediaevalia 55

Author: Ole Thomsen
Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press
ISBN: 9788763503396
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Their survival juxtaposes the ephemeral nature of man's existence and the long-
established ideas of Roma aeterna and renovatio Romae. The papacy
appropriates that immortality by associating Rome with the foundation of the
church and the martyrdoms of Peter and Paul, '7 and by relocating the birth of
Christ and the Hy- papante-Purificatlon to the Capitoline Hill. In the Vision of
Augustus, the emperor's imperial building program, praised by Pliny and,
indirectly, by Ammianus ...

Archeologia Dell Architettura Xx 2015 Il Laterizio Nei Cantieri Imperiali Roma E Il Mediterraneo Atti Del I Workshop Laterizio Roma 27 28 Novembre 2014

Author: Evelyne Bukowiecki
Publisher: All’Insegna del Giglio
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... Morocco), in Building Roma Aeterna. Current research on Roman mortar and
concrete, Proceedings of the Conference (Roma, 27-29 marzo 2008), a cura di Å.
Ringbom, R. Hohlfelder, Commentationes humanarum litterarum 128, Helsinki,
pp. 169-186. Camporeale S., 2015, Le unità di misura nella progettazione
architettonica in Mauretania Tingitana, in C. Saliou (a cura di), La mesure et ses
usages dans l'Antiquité: la documentation archéologique, Dialogues d'Histoire
Ancienne ...