Classic Bus Yearbook 13

Author: Gavin Booth
ISBN: 9780711032125
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In this annual publication Gavin Booth, the editor of 'Classic Bus' magazine, has put together a selection of articles and photo-features on subjects that will be of interest to those regular readers of the magazine.

Electric And Hybrid Buses For Urban Transport

Author: Bogdan Ovidiu Varga
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319412493
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The fuel consumption on the simulated routes for the classic bus as compared to
the hybrid bus are presented in the graphic from Fig. 7.70. Due to the electric
motor which supplements the torque realizing the movement, one can observe
that for the hybrid bus the consumption is lower than for the classic bus, with a
percentage of 30 % when the two bus models are loaded to half the maximum
capacity of passengers to be transported (13,150 kg for the classic bus, 15,450
kg for the ...

Pc Mag

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EISA provides four new signals to indicate which bytes of the double word of data
on the bus are significant: the Byte Enable signals BEO through BE3. To maintain
compatibility with as many classic-bus expansion boards as possible, EISA is
designed to accommodate devices that have either 8-, 16-, or 32-bit interfaces.
This diversity requires some method of preventing a device from trying to dump
32 bits of data to another that has only a l6-bit interface (in which case half the
data ...

Fortress Besieged New Directions Classic

Author: Qian Zhongshu
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 081122354X
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But surprisingly enough, after three breakdowns, the bus arrived at a small
station. The bus driver was going to eat lunch. The passengers also got off and
ate at a small roadside restaurant. Hungchien and his colleagues, as though
granted a pardon, got off to stretch and move their legs. They had no appetite for
lunch, and with a pot of tea they munched on some crackers they had brought
along in their cases. After a brief rest when they once more had the strength to
return to the bus ...

Classic Productivity Systems For The Assembly Manufacturer Or Distribution Center

Author: Jd Gray Associates
Publisher: JD Gray Associates
ISBN: 1462021921
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In the case illustrated, the towline system would pull buses with tires and move at
the same speed as an overhead monorail. There would be seventy-two workers
participating in this industrial engineered plant-wide group piecework incentive
plan. Both systems would be in the shape of a closed loop rectangle. The
overhead monorail would have the same hanging pattern every 60 feet, which
approximates the length of one bus. Within the overhead monorail hanging
pattern, hooks ...

Pc Mag

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You may still need to do some head scratching—as you would with classic AT-
bus computers. SLOW GAIN, MUCH PAIN Within three years of its introduction,
the classic PC AT bus was the most popular expansion design among personal
computers. MCA has not found such wideranging support. Beyond the greater
difficulty in crafting compatible machines, there are other reasons, too. One factor
has been users' reluctance to abandon the classic AT bus. Not only are they
comfortable ...

Hot Wheels Classic Redline Era

Author: Angelo Von Bogart
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 1440219419
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Additional play value feature: Body lifts up to expose engines Category:
Heavyweights Like a miniskirt at prom, Tom Daniel's S'Cool Bus stuck out from
the rest of the Heavyweights line. While Ira Gilford's moon travel-inspired trucks
dominated the line of Heavyweights trucks, Daniel's sole casting in the line was
based on a contemporary school bus, albeit with different intentions. While the
typical Chevy school bus hauled kids, Daniel's casting was built to haul ass on
the quarter mile.

Pc Mag

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With an eye toward the billions that users and companies alike have already
invested in boards built to fit the classic AT bus, the industry has recently
responded by introducing an inclusive bus standard of its own, known as EISA (
Expanded Industry Standard Architecture). Developed under the leadership of
the so-called “Gang of Nine” (AST Research, Compaq Computer Corp., Epson,
Hewlett-Packard Co. , NEC, Olivetti, Tandy, Wyse, and Zenith Data Systems),
EISA is an attempt to ...

Jack And The Beanstalk The Stubborn Witch Rapunzel Betsy The Magic Bus

Author: Edcon Publishing
Publisher: EDCON Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781555765514
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Children's Classic Tales - Palace in the Sky Series Edcon Publishing. Children's
Classic Tales Volume 6 Table of Contents Copyright © 2009 A/V Concepts Corp.
Edcon Publishing Group 30. Jack and the lleanstaCk 3 T'fie Stubborn Witch 12
liapunzef 17 'Betsy, T'fie Magic (Bus 24 EDCON PUBLISHING www. "This Or CX06-36Q-9EF7.