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AQUILA THE eagle's ranking as 'king of the birds' is as ancient as the lion's as '
king of the beasts'. In Roman lore, it was Jupiter's 'storm-bird', carrier of the
thunderbolt. Eagles figured as emblems of power and majesty in Babylon and
Persia, and were adopted by the Roman general, Marius, after his oriental
conquests. The legions of the Roman Empire marched behind eagle ensigns;
and Roman consuls carried eagle-tipped sceptres.' (See Appendix III. p. 1228.) In
Slavonic folklore ...

Rome The Eagle Of The Twelfth

Author: M C Scott
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The carnage as iron and flesh met sharp and solid oak was horrible to watch,
made worse by the storm of spears before, and the hail of arrows that followed as
our Pannonian archers shot from the flanks into the centre. Horses fell, churning
the earth with their dying feet; their riders died, crushed under so much armour.
The whole Parthian front rank fell, but they jammed the stakes and the next ones
jumped them; they had no chance to slow, and so they met the second rank of
stakes, ...

Storm Of Eagles

Author: John Dibbs
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An amphibious invasion at Anzio on January 22, 1944 was intended to outflank
the German defensive lines and open a path to Rome, but the American
commanders failed to quickly capitalize on the initial successes. Eventually, a
frontal assault at Monte Cassino broke through and the Allies captured Rome on
June 4, 1944 – the first Axis capital to fall. Fighting continued up the Italian
peninsula until the German armed forces in Italy eventually surrendered on May
2, 1945. Italian AF ...

A Fall Of Eagles

Author: Christopher Ray
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The Roman legions can march through our country at will, burning everything as
they go if they so desire. They'd be quite willing to see the whole region in flames
as long as they can get their precious frontier on the Elbe. I told you, before you
went to Rome, they're like a great storm blowing across the world. Who can turn
back a storm?” “They're not a storm. They're just men like you and I. Organised
they might well be, but they're not Gods. They die like everyone else and I know
how ...

Eagles In The Dust

Author: Adrian Coombs-Hoar
Publisher: Pen and Sword
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The Roman Defeat at Adrianopolis AD 378 Adrian Coombs-Hoar. storm the city's
gates. They were met not with an undefended city but by a storm of missile fire by
the alert and waiting defenders. The Goths were further taken aback during the
battle when the Romans began to rain down stones from the artillery pieces on
the walls and they had to be rallied by their chieftains who attempted to inspire
their fellow tribesmen by fighting in the front ranks.4 The Goths made a concerted

Letters To My Romanian Gray Wolf

Author: Texas Colt Gibson
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05/16/2013 (81) My Romanian Dark Storm, There they go, two beautiful brown
eagles flying off in the distance, two beautiful brown eagles that are always in
flight in my heart and in my mind, for there are two soaring brown eagles under a
red sky that flew into my life one October night, two beautiful brown eyes that
belong to my lovely Roman Dacia. Beautiful brown eyes that are a window into
the most beautiful soul of a woman that I have ever laid eyes on. Two brown
eagles that with ...

When The Eagle Hunts Eagles Of The Empire 3

Author: Simon Scarrow
Publisher: Hachette UK
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WHEN THE EAGLE HUNTS is the compelling third novel in Simon Scarrow's
bestselling Eagles of the Empire series. After a series of ... The Emperor has
returned to Rome, leaving the fearless Centurion Macro and his young Optio,
Cato, to rest and regroup, along with the rest of the Second Legion. As their
leader General Plautius plans the next phase of their campaign, word arrives that
the ship carrying his family to join him was wrecked in a storm off the south coast.
His wife and ...

Auguries And Omens

Author: Yvonne Aburrow
Publisher: Capall Bann Pub
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The eagle or vulture which gnawed at Prometheus' liver as a punishment for his
theft of fire was called Ethon (see SYMBOLISM). In Hindu mythology the eagle is
the solar Garuda bird, the steed of Vishnu; it is also an emblem of India, the storm
god. In Mithraism, both the eagle and the hawk are attributes of Mithras. In
Roman myth, the eagle was the bird of Jupiter, his lightning-bearer and the solar
storm-bird. Jupiter's chariot is drawn by eagles. The Roman King, as the
personification ...