Evo Supercars

Author: evo Magazine
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Here, the experts at evo magazine assemble the 100 greatest supercars ever built, from the red-blooded Ferraris of the 1960s to the technical prowess of the very latest McLarens, all accompanied by jaw-dropping photography from the world ...

Evo Aston Martin

Author: evo Magazine
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley
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Special features explore the stories behind the famous James Bond cars, from Goldfinger DB5 to Spectre DB10, as well as the story of Aston on track, from early racing prototypes to Le Mans glory.

The Porsche 924 Carrera

Author: Roy Smith
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845846451
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The car was born at a time when rule changes in sports car racing obliged
Porsche not only to produce a stopgap car to maintain publicity exposure, but
also to promote the new front-engine model that ran contrary to public perception
of Porsche ... Thank you to race drivers from around the world, all of whom knew
what it was like to be behind the wheel of the frontengined Porsches: Britain –
Tony Dron, Andy Rouse, Derek Bell and Vic Elford Australia – Colin Bond
Germany – Walter ...

Motor Trend

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Oh sure, there were always a few farm boys who, you know, put baby moons and
twice pipes on their pickups and tried to pretend they were cool but nobody ever
thought driving a truck would ever be in. Then it happened— an explosion of
truck interest motivated by an emasculation of the supercar, a baroque evolution
of nonfunctional styling in passenger cars and the discovery of the great outdoors
. Ordinary cars became turn-offs and the Great Outdoors beckoned. How to get

The Supercar

Author: John Lamm
ISBN: 9780760333839
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Shifting is via levers on the back of the steering wheel, but there is a toggle switch
to set the tranny on drive. Four buttons on the wheel look so businesslike, you
may wonder if they command brake balance, roll bar stiffness, or even pit lane
speed. Then you discover they scroll through the speedo-screen trip info center,
and their biggest benefit is changing the volume of the sound system. Unlike
many race cars for the street, the CLK DTM AMG's ride won't back out your fillings
, though ...


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There isn't a saloon made that can hold a candle to the Quattroporte's beauty,
sound more soulful at full chat or deliver that truly, madly, deeply emotional
Modenese supercar experience from behind the wheel. ... a great V8. New
bumper and xenon lights help distinguish latest 3SOZ SO WHAT'S new about the
'all- new' 2006 Nissan 350Z, you may be wondering. Well although there have
been plenty of small changes both above and beneath the skin, and this
particular round of ...

Porsche 911

Author: John Conway
Publisher: Gallery Books
ISBN: 9780831770921
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HISTORY AND EVOLUTION A car created out of the desire constantly to innovate
and always to improve The porsche 911 is the great survivor. First announced
back in 1963, over 250,000 have now been built and that 2 5 -year pedigree is far
longer than any of its present supercar contemporaries. That is a remarkable
achievement; barely a handful of cars in the world have survived so long, let
alone so successfully as the 911 through a quarter century in which the motor
industry has ...

Road Track

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color photos and authornbve teat tt4na the tele of 32 of the finest Fmari sports
and racing cars ever ...

Car Emblems

Author: Giles Chapman
Publisher: Chartwell
ISBN: 0785831339
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