Fashion Merchandising Fads

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As fads enter and encompass society for a period of time, this collection of fads, arranged alphabetically, is sure to captivate readers from beginning to end, or, in a world of fads, from the A-2 Flight Jacket to the Zipper.

Fashion Merchandising

Author: Mary D. Troxell
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Fads The short-lived fashion is called a fad. Fads usually affect only a narrow
group within the total population and generally are concerned with some
unimportant detail of design. Young people are especially susceptible to fads, but
adults are not totally immune. Fads have also been called "miniature fashions,"
following the same cycle as a fashion but completing that cycle much more
quickly. A fad can come and go in a single season. Some fads that have followed
the pattern of ...

Fashion Merchandising And Marketing

Author: Marian H. Jernigan
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A fad often sweeps through a junior high or high school very quickly and may be
isolated within a certain school. Almost as soon as everyone has the fad item, it
suffers sudden death, and few will wear it. Fads are associated most strongly with
adolescents, but anyone at any age can be susceptible to a fad. The chemise or
sack dress of 1957 is a classic example of a fad in women's fashions. It enjoyed a
short burst of popularity and passed from the fashion scene very quickly. Jellies ...

Fashion Technology

Author: Nirupama Pundir
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Christopher Breward, Fashion, Oxford University Press, 2003. Claire B. Shaeffer,
Couture Sewing Techniques, Taunton Press, 1994. Diana Craine, Fashion and
Its Social Agendas: Class, Gender, and Identity in Clothing, University of Chicago
Press, 2000. Frances Harder, Fashion for Profit: A Professional's Complete Guide
to Designing, Manufacturing and Marketing, 2004. Frank W. Hoffmann, William G.
Bailey, Fashion and Merchandising Fads, Haworth Press, 1994. Holly Brubach ...

Your Smart Retail Market Strategy Book

Author: Ho Eng Wah
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The characteristics of variations on the categories life cycle can classifieds as
staple, seasonal, fashion, and fad. The distinguishing characteristics between
them are whether the category is last for many seasons or just one season,
whether a specific style will sell for many or just one season and look into
whether the sales will vary from one season to the next. The staple or called
basic merchandise category is defining merchandise or goods are in continuous
demand over a certain ...

Fashion Fads Through American History Fitting Clothes Into Context

Author: Jennifer Grayer Moore
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The leg warmer fad was also promoted by the fashion industry. “Leg dressing”
was an idea that merchandisers and the fashion press promoted in the early
1980s. Women were advised that layering color and texture on the leg through
the use of pantyhose, thick socks, and leg warmers was a way to add personality
to one's look, while also making it look more contemporary. Companies such as
Hot Sox, Hue, KD Dance, and Leg Lines offered rich and varied collections of
apparel for ...

Mastering Fashion Buying And Merchandising Management

Author: Tim Jackson
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
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Added to this are the complex problems of continuously changing colours and
styles, so typical of fashion. Other retailers, such as those in the food business, do
not experience such highly exaggerated cycles and fads, enjoying much more
continuous and stable product sales patterns than are found within fashion.
Women's and children's fashion are generally more prone to fashion change than
men's wear, thus making the merchandise planning of women's wear one of the
most ...

Merchandise Buying And Management

Author: John Donnellan
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Each member ofyour team should identify fashion within a category of mer-
chandise, such as apparel, home furnishings, or consumer electronics. Each
team ... From a merchandising perspective, do any of the trends reinforce one
another? ... 1. Search for a history of fads. Which fads do you remember?
Estimate the duration of a dozen or so fads. What would you say is the average
life expectancy of a fad? 2. Search for classic clothing items. What do you notice
about availability?


Author: Dale M. Lewison
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It was a fashion flop that failed to meet customer needs. 18 Some flops are
inevitable — they are the realization of the risks that go with fashion
merchandising. A fad is a fashion that obtains a relatively high level of customer
acceptance for a short time. It is quickly accepted but rejected with the same
quickness (see Figure 9— ll).39 Typically the lifetime of a fad ranges from a few
weeks to several months. Because a relatively large number of these items can
be sold at substantial ...

Historical Dictionary Of The Fashion Industry

Author: Francesca Sterlacci
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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FADS. These are usually short-lived, often revolutionary, styles of dress or items
that are embraced by groups, subcultures, and attention seekers. Some notable
fads were go-go boots, the miniskirt, and the Wonderbra. See also COSPLAY.
FAIRCHILD ... The Fairchild Books division of textbooks and educational
resources for students of fashion, merchandising, retail, and interior design was
sold in 2012 to the U.S. subsidiary of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC for $6.5 million.
In 2014 ...