Ford 351 Cleveland Engines

Author: George Reid
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1613250487
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This book will walk you through everything you need to know to build a great street or competition engine based in the 351 Cleveland platform.

How To Rebuild Big Block Ford Engines

Author: Charles Morris
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1932494928
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General Engine Specifications 351 CLEVELAND CYLINDER BLOCKS YEAR
CASTING # BORE DECK NOTES 70-74 2V DOAZ-D 4.000 9.206 2 Bolt mains
DOAE-] 71 4V DOAE-G 4.000 9.206 2 Bolt mains 72-74 BOSS, C] DZAE-CA
4.000 9.206 4 Bolt mains *same casting # as 2 Bolt block H.O. and 74 4V 351
4M 2.749 2.311 Boss and H.O. have hardness test mark 4MA stamped on
counterweight 351 ...

How To Rebuild Ford Engines

Author: Tom Monroe
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780895860361
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Photographs illustrate how to disassemble, check for wear, repair or recondition, and reassemble and install Ford V8 engines

Ford Big Block Parts Interchange

Author: George Reid
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Expanding from the previous edition of High-Performance Ford Parts Interchange that covered both small- and big-block engines in one volume, this book cuts out the small-block information and devotes every page to the FE Series and 385 big ...

Ford Cleveland 335 Series V8 Engine 1970 To 1982

Author: Des Hammill
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
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Years of meticulous research have resulted in this unique history, technical appraisal (including tuning and motorsports) and data book of the Ford V8 Cleveland 335 engines produced in the USA, Canada and Australia, including input from the ...

Ford Small Block Engine Parts Interchange

Author: George Reid
Publisher: CarTech Inc
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Can I gain compression by using older-model cylinder heads, and will it restrict flow? Is there a difference between Windsor 2-barrel and 4-barrel heads? These are just a few examples of common questions Ford fans have.

Ford Performance

Author: Pat Ganahl
Publisher: Cartech Incorporated
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Thoroughly revised and updated, this edition provides accurate technical guidance to understanding and building all popular Ford performance engines.

How To Build Big Inch Ford Small Blocks

Author: George Reid
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D1 ZZ-C 302 TunnelC5OZ-D Port block C7OZ-C 302Ci 1969-70 C9ZE D1 ZZ-B
4.00" 8.209" Boss 302 289Ci 1965-67 C6AE—C C5AZ-E 4.00" 8.206" Six-bolt
bell. D1 ZZ-C C5OZ-D 302Ci 1969-70 DOZE-B D1 ZZ-B 4.00" 8.209" Boss 302
C7OZ—C D1 ZZ-C 289Ci 1965-67 CSAE-E CSOZ-D 4.00" 8.206" High Perf.
351C 1970-71 DOAE-A DOAZ-D 4.00" 9.206" 2-bolt main Six-bolt bell. 351C
1970-71 DOAE-C DOAZ-D 4.00" 9.206" 2-bolt main 302Ci 1968-69 C8OE-A
D1TZ-E 4.00" ...


Author: Randy Leffingwell
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Shelby, as mentioned earlier, derived 306 horsepower from this engine for the
street GT350; he and Ford engineers pulled nearer 390 horsepower from racing
Mustangs, Cobras, and early GT40s. Eventually, with larger bores and longer
strokes, the 221 cubic-inch 145 horsepower engine would grow all the way to
351 cubic-inches. This displacement was manufactured— with divergent
performance characteristics and goals— in the Cleveland, Ohio, engine plant
and the Windsor, ...