Medical Foods From Natural Sources

Author: Meera Kaur
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supervision of a physician and which is intended for the specific dietary
management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional
requirements, based on recognized scientific principles, are established by
medical evaluation.” The agency advises the consideration of the statutory
definition of medical foods to narrowly constrain the types of products that fit
within this category of food. The following paragraphs summarize the FDA's
current guidelines on medical foods and ...

Ar 40 657 01 21 2005 Veterinary Medical Food Safety Quality Assurance And Laboratory Service Survival Ebooks

Author: Us Department Of Defense
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(b) Publish an approved source annex for food establishments within the
command for use in outside continental United States (OCONUS) procurement.
This information will be expeditiously transmitted to VETCOM for inclusion in the
Worldwide Directory. (c) Make at least one supervisory visit every 18 to 24
months to locations within their command where veterinary or medical personnel
are engaged in food inspection activities. MACOM veterinarians may designate a
representative ...

Essentials Of Functional Foods

Author: Mary K. Schmidl
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While FDA did not explicitly define medical foods, the concept of medical foods
was established by the recognition of a category of foods to be used solely under
the supervision of a physician.93 In 1982, a task force was commissioned by FDA
to define medical foods. It recommended that policy to regulate medical foods
primarily as foods should be adopted. Medical foods were defined as "specifically
formulated or processed products represented for the dietary management of a ...

Fda And Usda Nutrition Labeling Guide

Author: Tracy A. Altman
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nutrition labeling developed for foods intended for consumption by the general
population was not well-suited for some products, including two types of foods for
special dietary use: 1 ) any food represented for use as the sole item of the diet,
and 2) foods represented for use solely under medical supervision in the dietary
management of specific diseases and disorders. Therefore, the regulation
exempted these two types of products from the general requirements for nutrition
labeling; ...

Developing New Functional Food And Nutraceutical Products

Author: Debasis Bagchi
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Importantly, medical foods have a distinct regulatory framework from other types
of foods, including “foods for special dietary use.” As discussed below, foods for
special dietary use supply special dietary needs for patients prevented from
eating normal foods. But, unlike medical foods, foods for special dietary use are “
not specifically tailored for use as the nutritional component of the patient's
treatment.” Examples of foods for special dietary use include certain
hypoallergenic foods, ...

Food Safety Handbook

Author: Ronald H. Schmidt
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Ronald H. Schmidt, Gary E. Rodrick. PART Vll DIET, HEALTH, AND FOOD

Functional Foods

Author: Maria Saarela
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rationale being that the nutrition labeling developed for foods intended for
consumption by the general population was not well suited for these special use
foods. NLEA followed suit and exempted 'medical foods,' as defined in the
Orphan Drug Act, from mandatory nutrition labeling. NLEA also exempted
medical foods from the new health claim regulation provisions. Another NLEA
amendment revised the 'drug' definition to specify that a food would not be a drug
solely because it ...

Functional And Medical Foods With Bioactive Compounds

Author: Danik M. Martirosyan
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The book showcases the numerous ideas and contributions made in the field of functional foods and chronic diseases, demonstrating the current progress and evolution that will undoubtedly change the lives of millions of people

Nutraceutical And Functional Food Regulations In The United States And Around The World

Author: Debasis Bagchi
Publisher: Elsevier
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it largely remains the guiding force for industry understanding of the agency's
views of medical food regulation.19 In the 1996 ANPR, the FDA acknowledged
that the universe of products purporting to be medical foods had surpassed the
statutory definition of a medical food to include foods that would more
appropriately be categorized as foods for special dietary use. Looking to statutory
language, the FDA sought to outline distinctions between these two types of
foods, beginning with ...

Handbook Of Biosensors And Electronic Noses

Author: Erika Kress-Rogers
Publisher: CRC Press
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The Handbook of Biosensors and Electronic Noses discusses design and optimization for the multitude of practical uses of these devices including: