The Cars Of Harley Earl

Author: David W Temple
Publisher: CarTech Inc
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Veteran automotive historian David W. Temple has researched and unearthed the complete story of Harley Earl’s cars, his notable design achievements, and many accolades.

Harley Earl

Author: Stephen Bayley
Publisher: Taplinger Publishing Company
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Through the lives and works of designers like these, the series 'Design Heroes' will probe into our understanding of what those men did who truly learned how to make more production out of less work than had ever been done before - by ...

Harley Earl And The Dream Machine

Author: Stephen Bayley
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
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An extensively illustrated tribute to the life and career of Harley Earl examines the significant impact of his ideas on the course of American automobile design


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But there is still nothing better than the original Le Page's Glue — time tested —
the finest you can use! LE PAGE'S, INC. Gloucester, Mass. World's Largest
Producers of Packaged Glues STYLING BOSS for GM, Harley Earl, specializes in
experimental car projects. LE SABRE, experimental GM model built in 1950, was
a test bed for new ideas. It was first to show wrap-around windshields now going
into '54 Buick. 54 CAR CONTINUED fenders and radiator caps during General

Classic Cars

Author: Norm Mort
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
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Harley Earl was born in 1893 in California. He was the son of coachbuilder J.W.
Earl. In the 1920s, Harley Earl began working for General Motors to help design
the 1927 LaSalle, and a year later the new Cadillac. Harley Earl was a leading
designer with GM for three decades. He designed many stylish GM cars,
including the futuristic Buick Y-Job, the Cadillac Eldorado and Chevrolet Corvette
. He is also credited with being the first designer to put tail fins on cars. Earl
retired as the ...

Diecastx Magazine

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Harley Earl discussed the performance of the 1954 GM Firebird I concept car with
test driver Mauri Rose. The image of this car is the center point of the Daytona
500 trophy. Die-Cast Model Cars in scale of 1/18 and 1/
43. Harley Earl with his Buick Y-Job, GM's first dream car and Earl's personal
mode of transportation. At GM's Arizona proving grounds in 1958, Earl is shown.
many of the style and design features were later seen on cars throughout GM's
many ...


Author: Randy Leffingwell
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760346631
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Harley Earl envisioned his sports car selling for around $1,800. This was about
half what his benchmark Jaguar XK120 Went for. It would have been a bargain.
Sadly, costs of improving engine capabilities, creating and testing an all-new
frame, and developing technologies to mass produce and rapidly produce a
complicated car body in a new material ratcheted production costs up to where
Chevrolet introduced the car at $3,490. Complete with Powerglide transmission,
whitewall ...

History Of Modern Design

Author: David Raizman
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
ISBN: 9781856693486
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Encompassing the ends as well as the broad middle of the market, General
Motors effectively helped to equate car buying with social as well as personal
mobility and to stimulate more frequent automobile purchases while remaining
competitive with smaller manufacturers of both luxury and economy cars. Harley
Earl (see page 211), chief of General Motors' Styling Department since its
inception in 1927 as the Art and Color Section, benefited from a close
relationship with Sloan, and ...


Author: Peter Wollen
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 9781861891327
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But subsequent Harley Earl models took their cue directly from the fin. The car
became the armature on which to mount a whole panoply of expressive shapes.
In time, the car transcended its prosaic function altogether and became a piece of
figurative sculpture, a powerful work of art. By 1959, the Cadillac tail fin had
acquired a life of its own: it towered three and one-half feet above the pavement.
And as the back end rose, the front end strained forward: in 1953, Cadillac
bumpers were ...