The Modern Cook S Year

Author: Anna Jones
Publisher: Fourth Estate
ISBN: 9780008172459
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The Modern Cook's Year includes: Start of the Year: Spelt with pickled pears and pink leaves and Chocolate and blood orange freezer cake; First Warm Days of Spring: Elderflower dressed broad beans and leaves with burrata and Chickpea ...

The Modern Cook

Author: Vincent La Chapelle
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it: s: 0. Another Fricassée of young Rabbits, the Muscovite Way. O U R Rabbits
being ordered, and cut as those before ; toss them up over a brisk Fire, with some
melted Bacon, a bunch of Sweet-herbs, and a couple of Onions. Then put in it a
couple of Glasses of French Brandy, keep it stirring, whilst your Brandy burns ;
but as soon as the Flame is out, put in a small Ladle-full of Gravey, and as much
of Cullis; let it flew slowly. Add some Mush- rooms. Your Ragoût being done, take
off ...

Pleyn Delit

Author: Constance B. Hieatt
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802076328
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Adapts over one hundred authentic medieval recipes to the ingredients and equipment of the modern kitchen, providing an abundance of simple and elaborate soups, side and main dishes, stews, and desserts 'Pleyn Delit is the kind of book that ...

The Modern Cook

Author: Charles Elme Francatelli
Publisher: Applewood Books
ISBN: 1429012102
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This word is also sometimes used figuratively, by French cooks, to signify a
smooth glossy surface. Gratixs. A term applied to consolidated soups and sauces
; also to certain dishes of high character, consisting of game, poultry, fish,
vegetables, or macaroni, &c, improved by great care and finish, through the use
of concentrated sauces or gravies. Hors-b'cgcvres ("Hot). A species of very light
entries, such as patties of all kinds, rissoles, croquettes, scolloped fish, shell-fish,
macaroni, ...

The Modern Cook

Author: Charles Elmé Francatelli
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Frioandeau and orenadins, consist of the primest parts of veal, or fillets of poultry,
&e. smoothly trimmed, larded, and brightly glazed with a concentration of their
own liquor ; they are served as side-dishes. Fricassee, consists of chickens cut in
pieces, and prepared in a white sauce, with truffles, mushrooms, cocks' combs,
&c, as accessories. Gauffres. A light spongy sort of biscuit. Glace. Anything iced.
This word is also sometimes used figuratively by French cooks, to signify a
smooth ...

The Modern Cook Adapted As Well For The Largest Establishments As For The Use Of Private Families

Author: Charles Elmé FRANCATELLI
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s's S-2:S *s === *-------> - lid-basting the fillet frequently with its own liquor while
braizing, which will require about two hours. Towards the latter part of the time,
glaze the larding with some thin, light-coloured glaze, and set the fillet in the oven
to dry the larding, taking care that it does not burn, or get too much coloured. In
the mean time, strain off the braize, divest it of every particle of grease, and clarify
it; reduce it to one-third of its original quantity, and then add a spoonful of good ...

Bill Neal S Southern Cooking

Author: Bill Neal
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 080788958X
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Southern cooks would pickle unripened English or black walnuts for a walnut
catsup. The nuts had to be green enough to be pricked through with a pin, and
were put into a spiced brine, left to stand, and then strained out. Reduced and
bottled, the liquid functioned in cooking much like a Worcestershire sauce. Many
old southern recipes have been corrupted in later years by the modern cook's
ignorance of such sauces. Knowing only the tomato catsup, cooks have added it
erroneously ...

Icons Of American Cooking

Author: Elizabeth S. Demers Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 031338133X
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Oddly enough, some chapter introductions had enough scientific information to
make Farmer's work more akin to that of modern food geek Alton Brown than, say
, a latter- day Irma S. Rombauer, author of The Joy of Cooking, whose interests
lay ... When she judged a gelatin recipe contest some 18 years after that first stint
as a flour recipe contest judge, she noted that 90 percent of the entries called for
level measures.4 Other Cookbooks As women's magazines began to provide
more ...

The Viandier Of Taillevent

Author: Taillevent
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
ISBN: 0776601741
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In its "unusual" combination of ingredients, its unfamiliar use of widely different
textures or flavours in a single dish, mediaeval cookery offers both a challenge to
the modern cook trapped in routine and a delightful surprise to the staid or blase
gastronome. Together with these ... The last twenty years or so has seen an
increase in careful research into mediaeval alimentation and foods; a by-product
of this work has in a general way been an enhanced accessibility to original
recipe texts.