The History And Future Of Narragansett Bay

Author: Capers Jones
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
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“Lepenski‐Ver An Indo‐European Community.” Mysteries of the Past. New York:
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The World Almanac And Book Of Facts 2013

Author: Sarah Janssen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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... Jack Nicklaus 308,362 1974 Johnny Miller 353,201 1975 Jack Nicklaus
323,149 1976 Jack Nicklaus 266,438 1977 Tom Watson 310,653 1978 Tom
Watson 362,429 1979 Tom Watson 462,636 1980 Tom Watson 530,808 1981
Tom Kite 375,699 1982 Craig Stadler 446,462 1983 Hal Sutton 426,668 1984
Tom Watson 476,260 1985 Curtis Strange 542,321 1986 Greg Norman 653,296
1987 Curtis Strange 925,941 1988 Curtis Strange 1,147,644 1989 Tom Kite
1,395,278 1990 Greg.

The Haunting Of Twenty First Century America

Author: Joel Martin
Publisher: Forge Books
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10. TheNew Age at theEnd ofthe Millennium: Fads andFancies 1. Into the
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73–79. 2. New Age Encyclopedia, 263–264, 150–153; The World Almanac Book
of the Strange, ...

The Strange Death Of Liberal America

Author: Ralph Brauer
Publisher: arbee999
ISBN: 9780275990633
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"Annual Demographic Survey: 2002," Current Population Survey, Bureau of
Labor Statistics and Bureau of the Census.
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The Burdens Of Disease

Author: J. N. Hays
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813546133
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Population figures from B. R. Mitchell, International Historical Statistics: Africa and
Asia (New York: New York University Press, 1982), 66, and The World Almanac
and Book of Facts, 2006 (New York: World Almanac Books, 2006). 38.The phrase
comes from Leibowitch, A Strange Virus; the point about transfusions from
William H. Schneider and Ernest Drucker, “Blood Transfusions in the Early Years
of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa,” American Journal of Public Health 96 (2006): ...

Guide To Reference Materials For School Library Media Centers

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... quotations through the humanized biographies of world leaders and the
chapters on disasters, crime, and war, all the way to death and strange stories,
this book of 20th century facts will enlighten any reader. Wallechinsky, of
People's Almanac and Book of Lists fame, knows how to make history as
fascinating as possible. The reference value of this work is due to the clearly
organized and detailed table of contents and the extensive index. Recommended
for all secondary collections ...

The People S Almanac

Author: David Wallechinsky
Publisher: Doubleday Books
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A books of facts and figures on a variety of subjects, including the United States, world history, people, health, war, disasters, the arts, science and technology, honors, religion, and the curious.

The Corpse

Author: Christine Quigley
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 147661377X
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Laurence D. Gadd, The Second Book of the Strange (New York: World Almanac
Publications, ¡98¡), 232. 24. Clarke, Man Is the Prey, 297. 25. Herman Feifel, New
Meanings of Death (New York: McGraw-Hill, ¡977), 342. 26. Nigel Davies, Human
Sacrifice in History and Today (New York: William Morrow, ¡98¡), ¡34. 27. Leslie,
Desperate Journies, 2¡9. 28. Ed Lucaire, Phobophobia: The Fear of Fear Itself (
New York: Perigee, ¡988), 6¡. 29. A. W. Brian Simpson, Cannibalism and the ...

The World Almanac Book Of Facts

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Strange as it may seem, the most generally Mhown systems of wireless
telegraphy are not those used by the United States Government. The Inventor, an
American, Shoemaker by name, has -equipped <*iver forty land stations and о
VÎT thirty war vessels with his system. Wireless communication was established
between San Francisco and Hawaii, a distance of over 2,000 miles. A movement
was also started to connect nearly all the groups of Islands In the South Pacific by
systems of ...