The Connecticut Common School Journal And Annals Of Education

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The Teacher for the timebeing, or any other person residing in the district, may be
entrusted with the charge of the Library, and held responsible for the preservation
and delivery of the books, an. der such regulations as the District Committee may
prescribe not inconsistent with the regulations of the District. III. The Library shall
be open for the delivery of books on Wednesday and Saturday of each week,
unless otherwise directed, at such hour as the District Committee may designate.

The Education Of Henry Adams

Author: Henry Adams
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To most observers, as well as to the Times, the Morning Post, and the Standard, a
vast majority of the English people seemed to follow the professional eccentrics;
even the emotional philanthropists took that direction;Lord Shaftesbury and
Carlyle, Fowell Buxton, and Gladstone,threw their sympathies on the side which
they should naturally have opposed,and didsoforno reason except their
eccentricity; butthe"canny" Scotsand Yorkshiremenwere cautious.
Thiseccentricity did not ...

J A Comenius And The Concept Of Universal Education

Author: John Edward Sadler
Publisher: Routledge
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Onlythe figure 8wasonhis tomb and theplaceofit was forgotten.Born in
obscurityhe wasburied in oblivion. HISTORICAL The circumstances of hislife
forced Comenius into politics;the conditions of his times gavea revolutionary slant
to his outlook; his own inclination gave to his point of view a religious and
internationalistflavour. He saw historyinterms of a series of challengesto
whichmanmust makean adequateresponse althoughin the enditwas only God
who could bring the slow ...

Studies In The History Of Educational Theory Vol 2

Author: G H Bantock
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136591206
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135 The passage is important because it brings into focus his faith in 'moral and
intellectual influence' in explicit contrast with coercive authority; and clearly, the
rational persuasion of education constituted a major constituent of this aspiration.
Now the humanists, too, thought of themselves as affording a training in
persuasion. But, as I have stressed in the first volume, they were at all times
closely associated with the centres of power. Persuasion was simply a super-
added potential for ...

Language Communication And Education

Author: Barbara Mayor
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135785554
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Physician: Problems problems Patient: Problems and problems The physician:
It's obvious when he came in, he just lookedlike a dishrag— just limp lying there.
It's obvious he had fairly depressed affect. I don't thinkI've seenanybody that
dramatic come into the office like that. Thus, at least insofar as the professionals
were concerned, there was agreement that the problem existed at the beginning
of the encounter. Mr. Stittler, the patient, stoppedthe tape fourtimes, focusing on
the ...

The Education Outlook

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Some years ago it was assumed that the gradual increase in the number of State
secondary schools would bring about a sufficient provision, and that private
schools would die away in the secondary sphere, as they have done practically
in the elementary. But twenty years of ... on the whole system of education. He
compared the people 'of to-day with the times in which there was no compulsory
education, and asked whether the nation was getting any return for the vast sums
spent ...

Journal Of Education

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There is in fact but little left of the good old times.' The increase in population and
the rapid rise in land values have rendered imperative a more intensive form of
tillage. Farming is no longer merely a matter o industry and muscle, but of thought
and study. "Everything relative to the farm and farming has improved and henceit
is highly necessary that the farmers' children should receive an education, and
under conditions that will fit them properly to carry on their work of the future.

Education In Tokugawa Japan

Author: Ronald Dore
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136926933
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Few of them were large;theaverage school had about 1 thirty pupilsandless
than10per cent of those listed in the Ministry of Education's survey hadover a
hundred. Moreover, thefees weremodest. According to one estimate a
teacherwith 200 pupils might expect an income of about 20 koku, equivalent
tothatof thelower ranksof samurai and better thanthat of thefootsoldier class.With
ahundred he could be comfortably provided for, but withless than fiftyhe would
have a hard time making ...

Fifty Key Thinkers On The Holocaust And Genocide

Author: Paul R. Bartrop
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136931384
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In 1999, Feinstein moved to the University of MinnesotaTwin Cities (Minneapolis)
, to become Director of the University's Center for Holocaust andGenocide
Studies. (Hehasalready beenactingdirector since1997.) Over time, hebuiltthe
Center intoapremier educational, research and outreach institution, of high
international repute.As one keento raise consciousness about thequestions that
concerned him, Feinstein brought issuesrelating tohuman rights, the Holocaust,
genocide and ...